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Seniors On The Move Part 2

September 20, 2017 - Updated: September 20, 2017

Seniors On The Move Part 2 of 4 Blog:


Seniors with Maddy&Greg


Each year homeowners are faced with having to assist an elderly friend, neighbour and or family member who is faced with the challenge of moving to a new home. Each year our team is asked to assist senior homeowners with preparing for a downsize and/or a long distance move. Recently we worked with a senior seller, her name is Annie and this is Part 2 of her “downsizing” story.

After ten days of packing items, a garage sale, offering items to neighbours and friends we loaded up the last few boxes for Valu Village.  The next morning we went to meet Annie and have a walk through her home to begin preparing the home for cleaning, furniture placement and finally photography.  Annie remarked “the house looks so much bigger”, we could tell that Annie seemed relieved the house seemed bigger and actually brighter than it had before.  Before moving any item we consulted with Annie as things held very precious memories and we wanted Annie to feel as involved in the process as she liked.  The following day a cleaning crew arrived at the house and we took Annie out for brunch and listened as she told us what would be important when beginning the search for her new condominium.  Annie is an avid walker and gardener; we knew that a walking trail would be important.  Annie also wanted a large balcony to do container gardening and somewhere to host her weekly get together with her family.  We explained to Annie that when the search began we would consider these items in narrowing down the best properties that would be available, once her house had sold firm.  Annie had enquired why was it so important to sell before you buy?  We explained to Annie that with a firm deal on the house she would know how much money she would have to purchase her new home and would also know the closing date to ensure that the house closed first and then the condo closed secondly, this is very important so as to avoid any unnecessary “bridge financing”.  Annie was very pleased with our answers and we then drove her home.  We took a walk through the house and the cleaning staff had done a great job and other than dropping off flowers the next day the house was now ready for photography and sale.  

We arrived at Annie’ house late morning with flowers and plants and we went through the house room by room until we had done a final walk through the entire house.  Shortly afterwards our photographer arrived and did a great job capturing each room of Annie’ beautiful home.  Annie quickly turned to our photographer and asked “are you ready to see my favourite part of the property”? With a look of glee in her eyes she did not give our photographer a chance to answer and quickly opened the sliding glass door that led to her large deck and garden, “welcome to my sanctuary Annie exclaimed.  Our photographer captured wonderful images of the garden and the house and promised to have them available later that evening.  After our photographer had departed Annie took us through her garden pointing out various perennials and asking us to include a description of the gardens in our marketing materials.  As we walked towards the house, Annie turned and looked back at her garden and said” I do hope that the new owners will love gardening as much as I do”.  That evening the photography arrived and it really looked impressive, we contacted Annie’ family with her permission and shared where we were in the process and asked if there were any questions or concerns.  The family was appreciative for the constant updates as we prepared Annie’ home for the market.  

The big day had finally arrived and we came to the house with Tea and Timbits.  Annie and a couple of neighbours read with great enthusiasm the marketing materials as we installed our post and our “FOR SALE” sign.  Annie was being picked up by her son and would spend the next seven days visiting family and learning about the area where we would eventually call home.

We hope that you have enjoyed this latest blog post.  Please watch for our next blog post “Seniors on the Move” part 3 of this 4 part series.             For more information on our team and our services, be sure to visit us at

Thanks and have a great day!

Maddy and Greg.








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